Rancho update

Roxanne Sparks one of the support organizers for the Cordero family provided the following informational update.

Hola Friends ~
The last big caravan up to the ranch when the picnic happened was delightful. The family was gracious and had food and drink prepared and people brought food to share as well. There was a presentation regarding the dangers of mining and a discussion of possible actions.
The news from the ranch is that there was some attempted intimidation a short while ago, so it is important to show as much support as possible for the family once more. There will be a caravan on Sunday, June 14, with the usual meet up spot at Los Pinos Park across from Karla's Loncheria on Calle Militar in Todos Santos at 10 am and leaving around 10:20 or 10:30 to go to the second staging spot out by the Pemex on the way out of town and then on to the ranch.
Food, water and money are always appreciated! I am sorry I will not be able to go up the mountain this time and am leaving to head north for about 2 months or so. I will remain active on line and encourage everyone who stays in the area for the summer to try and go up a few times and continue the show of support so that the miners don't think they have free reign.
There are plans for fundraising happening, with the idea to re-build a modest house for the family as well as taking care of legalities regarding the property, and help setting up the means for the Cordero family to once more support themselves with ranch life.
All of the support received so far from everyone is greatly appreciated!
I will pass this email list on to others who will keep you informed. As always, if you wish to opt out, please let me or whoever is emailing you know. Thank you so very much!

Roxanne Sandy Sparks

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, México

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