Spiritual Poverty, Jurassic Jesus and the Google Gods

There's not much space between my life and my art practice.

Seemingly disparate events, words, places, ideas, people, feelings, float free of rational connection in a state of "unknowing" for long periods of time. Eventually I sift out the sense-dust from the mud of ideas in my mind and am able to describe the intent and purpose of a piece of work.  But only because it has been revealed. I'm not sure humans create anything so much as rearrange the furniture.

This past summer I began work on a project in Alaska about the earth's protective layer, the Mantle series - what happens when we peel back the earth's skin? In Mexico where I spend some of the winter I find myself observing a town struggling with issues centered around growth and water - what happens in the face of an unquenchable thirst for wealth? Simultaneously I'm researching and preparing for a project at the Santa Fe Art Institute examining the flow of human capital through economies sustained by the working poor - the Gray Slavery project - what happens with the harvesting of human energy as fuel?

I wonder what do these very compartmentalized spaces and concepts have to do with each other?

Sometimes when I need clarification I'll ask the Google Gods. "Hey what do you think about...?"

One time I asked the Google gods about Christ + DNA = ?       the results deflated my fantasies of writing a novel titled Jurassic Jesus and retiring (as if). Try it.

I have always wondered what drives greed and destruction in the pursuit of wealth? When is enough enough? Why is enough, not enough?

Who and what gets to define progress and why?

Capitalism based on rampant consumerism feels very much like a compulsion, a ravenous insatiable appetite, an addiction, an illness.

And here's the thing. I'm OK with capitalism and responsible development. I believe in the rewards of hard work and creativity. I understand the high of creating something. I understand the need to feed one's family. I understand the need to do more than just feed one's family.

But who can enjoy a meal when at one end of the table people are starving and at the other end people are gorging and vomiting?

Today I asked the Google Gods:  Development + Addiction = ?

... and the words Poverty of Spirit came up.

The Globalization of Addiction: a study in poverty of the spirit, authored by Dr. Bruce K. Alexander.


So on one end of the stick is economic poverty and the other end of the stick is spiritual poverty. This makes perfect sense-dust to me.  Could it be the stick is addiction as Dr. Alexander suggests?