Advocacy  &  engagement

Much of my work focuses on intersections of global forces within local contexts. It remains contextually and collaboratively determined and inextricable from issues faced by communities in their effort to resist unhealthy outcomes. Yet as the project expands my environmental advocacy into new metaphorical levels of reclamation and integration, it also deepens a dialogue with disjuncture. With the possible pairing of sites geographically distant from one another and some projections likely occurring in the remote wilderness, its message will become more insistently global in scope.



The Shield series advances my intention to expose the separation of self from nature — a root cause of environmental degradation — while positing reintegration of self with nature as a means for healing the planet. I address this split and its reversal in Shield, where (re)integration further constitutes a deliberate and defiant act as participants use reflective mirrors to both
merge their bodies with the landscape and to deflect the assault of corporate interests in such disparate communities as Todos Santos, Mexico, and Ester, Alaska. This series also marks the formal and symbolic gestures of projection and protection in my work.